Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's over!

A belated thank you to all our participants! Not all drives were claimed, but sources say that managed to come into possession of the drive Morey had stolen, correctly deducing the password! It turned out that Morey wasn't the culprit -- it was the mild-mannered all along! But Jennifer did the best she could with the clues that were given, beating out the competition and enjoying the sweet satisfaction of success. Word has it that a $20 certificate to the Game Preserve awaits her.

Highlight reel:
  • Triumph of the Jenns: Jenn Stevens scored a nice solve on Irene's initial clue, but Jennifer Borland started racking up the solves once the going got tough;
  • Will Emigh taught Ariadne to uncross her eyes to solve a tricky Photoshop clue of d'Anogaster's;
  • A real-life Lojban speaker started tweeting to Jennifer Borland and Prof. Belbo in Lojban after she tweeted the response to Prof. Belbo's first clue;
  • Field report from our representative in Wilkie: "Some guy came in, said 'is that the clue?!' I said 'yes' then he grabbed it and ducked out the door before I could ask his name... Brown jacket, jeans, baseball cap, 30-ish." His identity is still a mystery.
  • The manuscript was retrieved -- Causaubon couldn't stop chuckling upon reading Chapter 1. Stay tuned!
Finally, don't forget about all the excitement going on this month with the Games and Learning Event Series, and a hearty thank you to all our participants!

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