Monday, March 5, 2012

Feeling Schizophrenic

Just a short post here to point out one of the fun difficulties of running this game. Because I'm a hardcore Gmail user (ie I never close it), I have to use a separate browser to log in to Ariadne's accounts and to prevent accidentally posting as myself rather than as her. But today Maggie is away so I'm posting for her as well thus I have a third browser open to ensure that I don't "cross the streams" with poor Morey Arte. Having Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer open and logged in to accounts at the same time is a bit crazy but you do what you have to.
Ah, the joys of technology, story telling, and being just a little bit crazy! Now stop reading this and go play!


  1. Just a tag to this post. I almost blew my cover tonight. You can tweet from different accounts using TweetDeck, but you have to make sure you have the right one selected. I tweeted a hint as myself instead of Morey. Fortunately, I was able to go into my actual Twitter account and delete the tweet. I hope no one saw it.

    Being away for the day with only a smart phone made me feel a bit crippled. It's a good thing we have a team on this!

  2. I've found that HootSuite is a little more elegant than TweetDeck for juggling accounts. I think I posted TWICE on my actual account via TweetDeck. Human error!!

  3. What? You haven't got Safari running too?

  4. You joke but if there were one more character I would have been installing Opera!